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This private membership application form and information contained herein as provided by the undersigned shall be strictly confidential and shall not be disseminated to other individual(s) or other parties without prior written consent by the undersigned applicant or Private Members ("Private Members") at all times. Information contain in this application form shall only be used by the GHV Wealth Management Holding ("GHVWMH") to determine whether the undersigned applicant shall qualify as a Qualified Accredited Individual ("QAI") or Qualified Institutional Investor ("QII") and considered Accredited Investor ("AI") in accordance with the meaning of Rule 501(a) of Regulation D under the Securities and Exchange Commission Securities Act of 1933.

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GHVWMH is a limited liability corporation established with a goal and mission to manage, operate, provide products and services, including but not limited to certain highly customized programs and activities specifically designed for Private Members. Such products and services may include certain information which may not be obtained or available through normal channels, general public or the public domain at the time. GHVWMH shall offer products and services that including but not limited to special programs offered only to Private Members such as private banking programs and solutions, special ultra high net worth events or meetings, highly personalized concierge service, special purpose investment vehicles, off-shore structures, unique wealth management solutions, and related information, etc., GHVWMH shall introduce companies that specialize certain products and services to Private Members either at no cost or at special exclusive preferred pricing that otherwise cannot be obtained through existing normal channels or relationships. GHVWMH private membership is free of charge.
To avoid conflict of interest, GHVWMH does not accept fees from its private bank partners or service partners. Expenses paid by service partners are normally for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses incurred by GHVWMH or to paid to defray overhead expenses related to special or programmatic events and disclosed to all Private Members participating in such program.
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